Discover the adventures, stories, and insights of Zack Lyman, stand-up comedian, and special podcast guests.

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Comedian Zack Lyman sits down with creative guests to have a fun and laid back conversation, seeking to walk away with new knowledge of what they create and why they do. This is a light hearted show that is made with passion for comedy, podcast and all kinds of art.


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Zack Lyman has been featured in the top 80 of iTunes comedy podcast.

He has been featured as Black Listed Radios “Top Comedians To Watch”. Zack created the Zack Lyman Podcast that has had many amazing guest from Netflix, Conan, and even musicians and cosplayers.

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Top 80 Comedy Podcast On iTunes in 2019

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Zack Lyman is a national touring comedian / writer based in New York City. He has performed in black box theaters and comedy clubs across the country showcasing his high-energy comedy. He is best know for his work on “The Big Laugh” TV Show (Amazon Prime) and “Zen Comedy” hour special (Amazon Prime). He has performed at Best of Fest (Loveland Comedy Festival) and been named a “Comic to Watch”.

You can see him performing across the country in his upcoming tour.


Zack has your answers!

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Zack Lyman started doing stand up comedy at a young age in 2008.

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Zack Lyman has been performing stand up comedy for over 12 years. In that time he has been recognized by magazines and shows across the United States. His live shows are full of energy during his story telling style of Stand Up Comedy. Also known for his Podcast cleverly named the Zack Lyman Podcast.


Zack Lyman loves talking about himself! Have him on your show today.

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