Best YouTube Comedy Specials 2024

Youtube comedy specials Brittany Hanrahan performing at improvmania fro the filming of The Big Laugh show Season 1

The Rise Of YouTube Comedy Specials

In the last 3 years we have seen such a massive rise in comedy specials coming out on YouTube. I feel like I see some of the top comedians releasing content much faster these days and often on their own YouTube Channel or on some comedy distribution YouTube Channel. Such as Don’t Tell Comedy, 800 Pound Gorilla, Dry Bar Comedy, Blonde Medicine , Laugh After Dark and many more. Even we released The Big Laugh TV Show on YouTube for free.

Comedians understand the the more eyeballs on a comedy special the higher chance of getting ticket sales on tour. As a stand up comedian, I can tell you all the money you make is from touring and merch sales.

Releasing On Someone Else’s Channel VS Their Own

Some comedians are trying to grow their own YouTube channel so it would make sense to release it on their own. It gives them creative control, they have a chance to make the ad money from YouTube and it is safe on their channel. This is very different than releasing a comedy special on something like Netflix where you have no idea how long it will stay up, how much control you have and really might not pay as well as people think if you are not a comedy star already.

Releasing on a comedy distributions YouTube channel is a great idea if you do not have a large following or not trying to grow your own channel. They will most likely already have a lot of subscribers and are releasing other specials and all the content gives more people a chance to see your comedy.

Top Comedy Specials Of 2024

Liz Miele

I love Liz, I think she is insanely funny and is a great example of someone that has been releasing her specials herself for years and is growing a strong following on her own channel.

Kyle Kinane

I really enjoyed this special and I think Kyle hit a new level in comedy. This is a great example of someone that has a strong following but released their special with 800 Pound Gorilla, using their large channel to get eyeballs on this very funny special.


The Big Laugh TV Show 

The Big Laugh is handful of comedians doing their best 15 minute sets. I think more projects like this should be created. Just comedians doing what they do best and teaming up to get it onto streaming services like Amazon Prime and Tubi. But they also released it on YouTube for free.


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