Why I Am Touring So Much In 2024

This year I am touring a lot. I have been going up and down the east coast of America almost every week lately. I been performing in bars, breweries, theatres, music halls, coffee shops and more. The reason I am doing all this? Well, I want to take as many gigs as I can before I film my hour at the end of the year. (If I find the right venue in Arizona)

Why East Coast?

I moved to NYC around 2 years ago after creating my TV show The Big Laugh from the west coast. I feel like it took me a moment to get my sea legs but now I am back to hitting the road. I am trying to build up all my connections with bookers, venues and comedians on the east coast. It is important to build those relationships because you want to come back to those great venues next year and the year after. This is something I wish I thought more about earlier in my career. They like working with you they might suggest to other venues or they might work or own other venues.

How Is The New Hour?

The new hour I am working on filming is coming together well. I still have some writing to do, I still have to pull together a couple jokes. But over these last few months I am really happy to see how it is growing. I am filming all my sets and trying to watch them back (hard to watch myself sometimes). I can see my confidence grow in the jokes and everything is starting to flow really well.

Where Can I See Upcoming Dates?

Right now, I have a landing page I have been updating. You can click here to see it for yourself. I try to update as much as possible. Check back as I am adding new dates all the time.

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Touring Advice For Young Comedian

I love touring but it can be harsh. Feel free to reach out on social media if you have any questions about the process. But some advice, never book your gigs too far from each other for your driving hours. Too often a 4 hour drive turns into 7 hours of driving. I try to stay around 5 hours from each other, I never want to be too stressed or too worn out to perform. Also, simply get there early, remember to smile, be kind to all the staff. You are only there for maybe a few hours, make sure you are kind, thoughtful and present for all of it. When touring it can be easy to be in your head too much, thinking about ticket sales, marketing and stage setup. Take a moment and look around, enjoy it and enjoy meeting all the new friends.


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