Tubi The Future For Comedy Specials?

Stand up comedy is growing so much year over year. People are coming to more live comedy shows across the country. At the same time we are seeing a change in how people view content, the growth of short form and the death of cable TV.  All this makes it easier for you to discover new comedians you enjoy.

Rise Of Self Produced Comedy Specials

We are seeing a rise in comedy specials self-produced or produced by smaller companies like Don’t Tell Comedy, 800 Pound Gorilla, DryBar and Big Laugh Productions. Many of these are going up on on streaming services like Tubi.

Tubi is a free streaming service that has seen a lot of growth since their rebrand and the new CEO Anjali Sud has taken over. I personally feel this could be the next big place for comedy specials and you will see more and more comedians being proud their special is available on their streaming platform. I know I am proud The Big Laugh is on Tubi.

Brittany Hanrahan on The Big Laugh now available on Tubi and Amazon prime.

Tubi Could Lean Into It

I am hoping Tubi leans into this new world of stand up comedy and starts producing their own specials (Hey, I am available!) I feel with the right comedians they could reach a market that is being missed by Netflix and HBO. There are a lot of amazing comedians that haven’t been seen on streaming yet. They have been the underdog streaming service and they could work with underdog comedians and writers and directors.

Comedian Zack Lyman

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