Comedian Headshots : Could Be Holding You Back

There are a few things in your comedy career that help in different ways get you to the next level. Could be creating a website about your comedy. It could be really focusing on growing social media. It could be finally hiring a professional to take your headshots.

The moment you start getting booked, they will ask for a bio, headshots and maybe a video. I have even had bookers ask for a few different options to pick from for the promotional materials they are making.

Keep this in mind.

2020 was the first time I had headshots that I actually liked.

My photos from HR Photo and Film. We spent an hour in a car wash in Phoenix, Arizona. I really loved how these turned out and used them for years. We got all the different emotions and poses I could want. I loved the color and vibe. I felt comfortable sending these to bookers. Now these have been featured in newspapers, blogs, videos and other print medias. I felt like a pro!

Zack Lyman Comedy Headshots Zack Lyman - Host of Zack Lyman Podcast

2024 Headshots : My Style And Vibe Changed

Comedian Zack Lyman 2024 headshot of comedian Zack Lyman

My style, comedy, and overall vibe has changed since 2024. I feel like a different person and I was no longer connecting with the headshots I was using before. I reached out to Sam J. Photos once I got settled in at my new place in NYC. Sam was a pro and was great at directing and his prices are very reasonable.


Now I am using these new headshots to promote my 2024 tour and I love how they turned out.

comedian Zack Lyman's may tour dares.

Invest Into Yourself

Take a moment and find a professional in your area that can take your headshots. I promise you will feel better reaching out to bookers. You will be taken more seriously. You will be helping your comedy career.


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