Laugh Out Loveland Comedy Festival Documentary

In the midst of its first-ever Laugh Out Loveland Comedy Festival, I found myself behind the camera, capturing every moment of this delightful event. When Dan Bublitz Jr. announced that the festival was happening. I called him and said “Hey can I crash on your couch and film all of it?” Of course he said yes because he is a kind human.

Now Available On YouTube

Each Day Of The Laugh Out Loveland Festival

As the only one handling the camera and editing, I delved into the festival.  From the crack of dawn (10 am) preparations to the late-nights out (there was late nights) , I was there, armed with one camera my $400 Canon M50 and a couple of lenses, soaking up the festival.

With each shot, I aimed to capture the genuine camaraderie and joy that filled the festival grounds. I wanted to stay as a fly on the wall as much as possible. So the viewer could live through the cameras lens.

After long days of filming, I found peace on Dan’s couch, reflecting on the day’s events and eagerly anticipating what the next day would bring. Charging up camera batteries, coping over memory cards to my laptop and reviewing my notes.

Now, with the documentary available on YouTube, anyone can experience the warmth of Loveland community and humor of the Laugh Out Loveland Comedy Festival.

Laugh Out Loveland Comedy Festival Submissions

As of right now they are having submissions for year two until the end of May. You can submit here.
Dan, Russ and Jeff are kind humans and I highly suggest supporting their festival. I want to see this festival be around for as long as they want to do it.

Thank you so much for checking out the documentary, it means a lot to me. If you want to support me check out The Big Laugh or Zen Comedy on Amazon.

Comedian Zack Lyman that filmed the Laugh Out Loveland Comedy Festival Documentary

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