Zen Comedy Now Available On Amazon Prime

Truly insane, a small project that I worked on with my friends got picked up by Amazon Prime. The feature length comedy special has five comedians doing their best 15 minute sets and was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona. The venue we picked was the Reiki Academy. I am so proud of this project and I am happy you can finally watch it today. 



Why Is It Named Zen Comedy?

It is actually named after the comedy show I used to run at the Reiki Academy in Arizona. Zen Comedy because it is in a very “zen” building. Simple name that worked well for our monthly show. I honestly miss running the monthly show there. We would give the headliners wonderful gifts, we would have snacks available to buy. It was a fun vibe but I think you can feel that in the taping.


Why Five Comedians?

I wanted to create something like The Big Laugh tv show but more of an underground feel. I think having five comedians in the special makes sure there is all kinds of voices to be heard and different styles of comedy. That keeps the viewer interested and a great way for more than one person to get some awesome clips and video of their stand up.

zen comedy now available on amazon prime

Who Are The Comedians

Kerri Gallagher
Kerri is a comedian, writer, producer, (jack of all trades) based in a suburb of Philadelphia. She performs at local clubs and national comedy festivals. As fan of topical humor, she brings wit and punchlines to “The Wednesday Wire”, a Weekend Update style news commentary show and “America Against Hollywood”, a scripted parody news show. She’s quick with her words, relatable, and always down for a hoagie.

Kerri Gallagher Comedian

Patrick Bean
Patrick Bean grew up in New Jersey and very quickly developed a sharp sense of humor. Always seeing the world a little differently than everyone else around him, Patrick honed his observational skills and shared his humorous thoughts. He started performing stand-up at age 16, performing throughout the NJ/NY/PA area.

comedian patrick bean performing at tempe improv

Zack Lyman
Zack Lyman is a national touring comedian/writer based in New York City. He has performed in black box theaters and comedy clubs across the country showcasing his high-energy comedy. He is best known for his work on “The Big Laugh” TV Show (Amazon Prime) and “Zen Comedy” hour special (Amazon Prime). He has performed at Best of Fest (Loveland Comedy Festival) and been named a “Comic to Watch”.
You can see him performing across the country in his upcoming tour.

Comedian Zack Lyman

Lola Hernandez
Lola is a talented writer, host and comedian that you can see all over Arizona. I know it will not be long before she is touring and bringing her fun story telling style of comedy all over the U.S. Highly suggest watching her set.

comedian lola hernandez headshot black and white

Lou Moon
Lou Moon is a comedian and writer from Phoenix Arizona. His stand up style merges absurdism and observational comedy with stories about his life, often times fueled by his neurosis and disabilities. You can also listen to his new album “Lou” released by Stand Up! Records.

Lou Moon Album Cover From Stand Up! Records.


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