Lou Moon’s Comedy Album Recording Journey

In this episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lou Moon, a seasoned comedian, to discuss his upcoming comedy album recording. Since recording the album is now available on Stand Up! Records.  Lou shared insights into his decision to record the album at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, a venue with a rich history in the local music scene. The Rebel Lounge holds a special place in Lou’s heart, making it the perfect setting for this milestone in his comedy career.

Throughout the conversation, Lou delved into the process of selecting material for the album, highlighting the challenges of curating a setlist that truly represents his comedic style and evolution as a performer. He emphasized the importance of authenticity in comedy and the need to showcase his true self through his jokes.

As the discussion unfolded, Lou revealed the title of his upcoming album, “Lou,” drawing inspiration from his favorite music album, “Blue” by Joni Mitchell. The podcast host and Lou also touched on the plans for the album release, including a potential launch party and distribution strategies.

Lou Moon Album Cover From Stand Up! Records.

We really got into the nerves and excitement surrounding the album recording, with Lou expressing a mix of emotions as the recording date approached. He shared his goals for the future, including exploring new comedy scenes and continuing to evolve as a comedian. (since recording he really has gotten out of his own bubble)

This episode is a glimpse into Lou’s journey towards recording his comedy album and offered listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating stand-up comedy content.

Overall, the episode captured the essence of his comedy album recording journey, offering a blend of humor, insight, and genuine passion for the craft of comedy.

Since Recording

Since recording this podcast episode the album was picked up by Stand Up! Records and is now available to listen.


Lou Moon In Zen Comedy

Also Lou was featured in a new project Zen Comedy that is now available on Amazon Prime. This is a fun comedy special that features five comedians performing at the Reiki Academy in Arizona.  It has been a big year for Lou.

zen comedy now available on amazon prime


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