Comedian Zack Lyman On Just Screen It Podcast

Hello!  Recently I sat down for a cozy chat on the Just Screen It podcast.  We dove deep into the world of stand-up comedy and filmmaking, and I really enjoyed my time on the show.

We started off by shooting the breeze about filming and releasing my two comedy specials, The Big Laugh and Zen Comedy. Now, usually, this podcast is all about feature filmmakers, but we found that the journey of getting comedy out into the world shares some surprising similarities with the big-screen biz.

During our laid-back chat we even geeked out over some of the technical details filmmakers have to consider when it comes to delivery.

Comedian Zack Lyman guest on Just Screen It Podcast

I decided to mix things up and ask the host what they’ve learned from running this podcast, especially now that they’ve racked up over thirty episodes.

Closing Thoughts About Just Screen It

So, if you’re a filmmaker thinking about dipping your toes into the world of distribution for your next release, do yourself a favor and give our chat a listen. It’s like a cozy fireside chat, filled with insights straight from the heart of my own journey.

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