Dive into Laughter with The Big Laugh: Now On Tubi 

You remember that TV show I’ve been working on? Well, guess what – it’s now available for streaming on Tubi, and the best part? Let me take you behind the scenes and spill the coffee beans on how everything came together, just like we’re catching up over a cup of coffee.

A Peek into “The Big Laugh

So, picture this – three episodes, each packed with side-splitting sets from two comedians I know like the back of my hand. They’ve got a solid 15 minutes each to deliver the laughs. Trust me, these comedians are gold, and you won’t want to miss their performances.

Behind the Camera: We decided to film it all at the Improvmania comedy club in sunny Arizona. It’s got that perfect cozy vibe, making it the ideal backdrop for a night filled with chuckles. With about 100 humans in the crowd for each recording (there was only one recording) , you can bet the energy was through the roof.

The big laugh tv show billboard in Phoenix arizona. The best v show on tubi in 2023

Capturing the Essence 

Now, let’s chat about how we captured the magic. Our local pals at Heavy Feathers lent us a hand. They set up not one, not two, but three incredible 4K cameras. We wanted you to see every expression, every punchline, in the best quality possible. You’re in for a visual treat, my friend.

Monochrome Marvel 

Oh, and here’s the kicker – we decided to go all-in with black and white. It’s not just about style; it’s a strategic move. I’ve always been a fan of that timeless black and white look. Plus, it sets us apart from the colorful crowd out there. When you see that monochrome charm, you know it’s “The Big Laugh” doing its thing.

Bringing It to You: Using FilmHub

But hold on, there’s more to the story. We didn’t just create the show and leave it at that. We partnered with the awesome team at Filmhub for distribution. Before we even started filming, we had a sit-down with them to make sure we nailed all the technical specs. You know, the nitty-gritty details that often go unnoticed but make a huge difference. And once everything was ready, we looped back with them to get the show onboarded into their system. Their guidance and expertise helped us smoothly sail through the process. Without them, I am unsure if we would of gotten onto Tubi.

Spread the Joy

But that’s not all. We’re not just keeping the fun to ourselves. We’ve been dropping little teaser clips on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. And let me tell you, TikTok is where the action’s at. People are loving these snippets, and it’s awesome to see the engagement.

The cover art of the tv show The Big Laugh now available on Tubi streaming service. Best stand up comedy. New tubi show.

Final Takeaway – The Big Laugh

If you’re on the lookout for genuine, relatable comedy delivered by seriously talented stand up comedians, this is your jam. And guess what? You can catch all the hilarity on Tubi. Also, check out the other blogs I have available or if you want to support an upcoming comedian check out my merch.

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