Scarlett AKA Scarlettsbod Talented Model

The modeling industry is a lot more than DiCaprio’s dating pool, or quite frankly, the dating pool of every athlete on earth. It’s a very difficult and expensive industry to break into. Until recently, models were basically different versions of the same person – all 90 lbs. and 6 feet tall. Instagram models like Scarlett have made this industry more accessible. They get to build their modeling careers on their own terms and look like absolute smoke shows doing it. The ever-so-chill Scarlett joined me on the podcast to discuss her rise in the modeling industry and the challenges that came with it. Her down-to-earth and straightforward personality makes it impossible to dislike her. Known to her followers as ‘Scarlett’s Body,’ the Spokane native had a whopping 243k followers before Instagram took down her account. Scarlett’s journey began with several attempts at ‘traditional’ modeling. In fact, her teenage dream was to become Victoria’s Secret angel. She paved her own way. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though.

The good, the bad, and the downright creepy – With ScarlettsBod

Unless you’re lucky enough to be scouted by a random dude at the mall, you need a modeling portfolio before any agency takes you on. So, new models opt for trade-for-print agreements with photographers to get photos. This helps both the model and photographer build their portfolio at no cost. Scarlett’s first trade-for-prints experience was something out of a Dateline episode. A photographer offered to take nude pictures of her and give her five of them back. This remains the creepiest experience in Scarlett’s life. Her first interactions with the modeling world were almost equally sketchy. “It was terrible! People were trying to trade sexual favors,” she recalls. Hoping to never re-live those experiences, she emailed one of her favorite Instagram models to ask for advice. “Claudia messaged me personally to let me know that is not how the modeling industry works. She gave me pointers for all this stuff,” says Scarlett. The response from Claudia prompted her to change things up. The light at the end of the tunnel was when her friend decided to learn photography. The two practiced their crafts together, and their careers took off. “We did a shoot with my boyfriend’s truck, and the pictures turned out incredible,” she reminisces. The pictures were shared on four different Instagram pages, including some of the car’s daily pages. As soon as she realized that she could do this with people she knows and trusts, modeling became fun for Scarlett. In the time I’ve followed her, I noticed that she uses the same photographers. Scarlettsbod or Scarlettsbody from onlyfans was on the Zack Lyman Podcast as an interview

Making the internet her playground – ScarlettsBod

Scarlettsbod has made the most of the online space, creating Patreon and OnlyFans accounts. This was inspired by her followers asking for less censored photos. She capitalized on the demand and that has taken off. She tells me: “I realized that if all these people hit me up, I might as well do something. I just didn’t have enough uncensored pictures because everything had to be Instagram-safe.” Creating multiple Patreon tiers meant Scarlett could do photoshoots catered to her audience outside of Instagram. It didn’t take long for people to sign up for her Patreon.  As a creative, I’ve always admired Scarlett’s commitment to her craft. She follows all the rules of content creation. She posts good content consistently and always prioritizes quality. 

She’s a Scarlett of all trades

This model may be killing it in the online space, but that’s not all she does. She balances her modeling success with a day job. She fabricates granite countertops and does cabinet refacing for a living. She credits this work to her amazing physique. I mean, she lifts cabinets regularly. Surely that should qualify as weightlifting. Scarlett draws her inspiration from fellow curvy models like Lindsey Pelas. “There aren’t many models with my body type out there. So, to see a girl like that make it big is my inspiration because a lot of people tried to get me into fashion, but I was not tall or skinny enough,” she says. Scarlett has carved a niche for herself in the online space, and she’s crushing it. Scarlett from Scarlettsbod or Scarlettsbody

Patreon and Onlyfan tips from a pro

  • Interact with your audience: Scarlett is a strong advocate for audience interaction. Your audience feels more connected to you when you interact with them. “I get so many messages thanking me for replying,” she says. She considers polls another great way to connect with your audience. Plus, you’ll get their opinion on the content they prefer.
  • Get your pricing right: Tiers are a great Patreon feature. Scarlett says to remember that people will be drawn to your cheaper tier. So, you should limit the number of signups in that tier. When the cheap tier is full, people will choose from the higher ones. She says not to lowball yourself with the pricing. If your lowest tier is set at $1, you may be at a loss. Try to aim for $3 or $4 for your support tier and limit it to 50 people.
  • Advertise your Patreon or Onlyfans: You always must advertise in any post or story. Any selfies you take should be accompanied by a prompt to check out new stuff on your Patreon.

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