Top 5 Comedy Podcasts For Comedians


The best comedy podcast that will help you grow as a comedian! I only say that because every podcast on this list I have listened to and I have taken something away that has helped my stand-up comedy. It might have helped my writing process or maybe my mindset on comedy or inspired me to try something new and grow. I am always a student of comedy and always trying to learn. If you are like me you will enjoy these podcasts.


      1. Comedy Advice Podcast

        I love this podcast, I listen to it almost every week. Great advice on life and comedy while also listening to some of the best comedians in the world chatting it up with the wonderful host Stephen. I have heard some of the most down-to-earth interviews with major comedians that I love. Plus, the host Stephen is such a kind human! I highly suggest giving it a listen.

        Comedy Advice Podcast

      2. Life Coaching Comedians

        Lexis Sharde local comedian in Phoenix and she takes an interesting approach to a comedy podcast. I have honestly never heard of something like this. It honestly should open your mind to what kind of projects you can create. While listening to comedians open up about their issues that may be true or not. Good listen if you want to get outside of your normal comfort.


      3. Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr

        Bill burr talks into a microphone for a living so of course, he can crush it on the podcast. I love listening to the show because he talks about his current projects and gigs. How often have you sat down with someone at that level and heard about how they are putting together their special or tour?

        Monday Morning Podcast

      4. Zack Lyman Podcast

        Yeah, my podcast! I sit down with all levels of comedians and ask their thoughts or sometimes we cover one topic in comedy like writing or when you are ready for a Netflix special. I have learned so much from doing this podcast. I have had some conversations on the show that have changed my way of thinking about life and about comedy forever. Check it out on Spotify  or  Itunes


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      5. Write Now Podcast

        Okay, it might not be a comedy podcast but it does have funny moments. The reason I mention this podcast is all the writing advice. I love the solo episodes about single topics. Sometimes those episodes cut deep but are always wonderful advice that us comedians go through. Self-doubt, imposture syndrome, writer’s block, and so many more wonderful episodes.

        write now podcast

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