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AzPowerGirl – Cara Nicole The Queen Of Cosplay

AzPowerGirl aka Cara Nicole is a cosplayer, business owner, and stand-up comedian that I have had on the show a few times and honestly, she is someone that is welcome back at any time. I truly enjoy talking to her and I think she is such a go-getter. I enjoy her energy and she motivates me to push harder in anything I do. She has given me solid advice as a friend and as a fellow creator. I inspire to be more like her in what I do. She has had many successful Kickstarter’s and has grown a great fanbase. She understands marketing and really listens to her fans on what they want next. She adapts to social media and grows each year.

First time I had AzPowerGirl aka Cara Nicole on the show I did not know her that well but I heard only good things and I think I saw her around the local comedy scene. It was great getting to know her. You can listen to that episode here

The second time I had AzPowerGirl aka Cara Nicole on was a blast! It was great to go in knowing her and knowing that we are going to have a great chat and she is going to give me great advice. We caught up on what she is working on and many tips and tricks about crowdfunding your projects. I someday want to run a crowd-funded project. I might just hire her to help me create it. You can listen to that here.

AzPowerGirl aka Cara Nicole has a lot of projects and is always on the move. I reached out and told her I was writing a blog post and said “Hey what should I tell the listeners now?” A recent project is her 52 card pinup. A crowd-funded playing card and pin-up book campaign. It is a wonderful idea and I highly suggest buying one while they are available.

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