The Best Guide to Starting Stand Up Comedy in 2024

A beginner’s guide to stand up comedy! When I was starting out I had a hard time finding articles or anyone willing to give advice. I was completely lost and needed direction. I hope this list helps guide you in starting stand up comedy in 2024. I hope it helps you at any level in comedy as we all hit the open mics and get booked on shows.

Starting Stand Up Comedy In 2024


1. Write, Write, Write! – Starting Stand Up Comedy

I would try to write one hour a day. Maybe you sit at a coffee shop and write. Or you work on some other parts of comedy like listening back to any recordings you have and being honest with yourself, how was my pacing? Did I get the jokes out? Honest but not too harsh, since you are at just the beginning of this long long journey.

2. Find The Open Mic

 I would find an online list of the open mics and try to adventure to a new one each week. Finding your favorite open mics can really keep you going when you have been having a hard day or month.

3. Your Writing Partner

Find a writing partner, someone that you feel comfortable with and you feel your styles compliments each other. I write with my friend Lou Moon who can come up with some out-of-the-box ideas. But I also love writing with my friend Savannah Hernandez who really understands joke structure and keeps me from rambling too much.

4. Rest Day

Rest is important, taking a day off from the open mics if you did an open mic every day for 30 days I would not be surprised if you become worse. I mean you can just push too hard and really lose yourself taking a step back and living life is important. Living life is where I find a lot of humor just recently I took a vacation and came back to write 10 new mins about what happened.

5. Please Study

 Study those who you love! Watch your favorite comedy special again and review what is truly going on. How are they moving? Where are they pausing? Why did they change up their timing or slow down? What is different at a 10 min mark vs the energy at 45min mark?

6. Your Voice

Do not worry about finding your voice just yet. You are new! Your voice will come over time. I knew I found my voice when I would write jokes and think “wow that doesn’t sound like me, I am not doing that” Then I slowly stopped writing jokes that didn’t sound like me.

7. Comedy Goals

Start setting comedy goals. I like simple ones like 5 new jokes this month. Then put something crazy on the list like Audition for Americas got talent this year. Or record and listen to all my sets this month. And email a comedy packet to SNL. These goals will help you push through the hard times.

8. Record Yourself

Record all your sets on your phone. Yes every set, I still have recordings from 2011 that I cringe at the idea of even listening to. But YES do it, you will thank yourself later.

9. Also Record Yourself, Again

Video record when you can, I know it is hard to get good footage. When you are new it’s not recording to post content online. I would record when I can so I can watch my nervous ticks and try to get rid of them. Sometimes your movements can give away the punchline or ruin the setup. You want to seem like you know what you are doing up there. Or you might watch the tape and be like “WOW I look bored or upset”

10. Go To Shows

Go to shows. Go to shows you wish you were booked on but sadly you were not! Support local comedy, be friendly with your co-workers truly. Two reasons I mention this, I often get asked “How do I get booked on that thing?” Well, have you ever gone to that thing just to support? No? Start there! Also, you should be celebrating the fact your friends are doing something cool! You can sit and watch local comedy and there is always something to learn.
Comedian Zack Lyman
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