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Something I have ALWAYS struggled with is asking for anything. As simple as asking for the bathroom or maybe for a glass of water.
I never wanted to be a bother. So you can imagine that has bled into comedy. Asking is important in comedy.
Lately, this is something I have been working on. Even my mindset around it needed to change.
In your scene, I am sure there is a show you have been to and the whole time been like “Oh wow this is magical”
On the drive home, you had that thought creep in “One day I hope to be on that show”
Why not now?
Why can’t you?
I am sure your anxious brain has told you the answer to these questions.
I know mine does every day.
Well, if you have been to the show, being the cheerleader, be the audience member.
Then it is time to ask. Just message or talk to the booker.
Make it known that you love the show and that you would love to be considered for the show.
If I could tell you how many times I have sent that message and they responded
“How about the 20th?”
Oh man, it is that easy? Sometimes it can be.
But also be prepared to hear a “Nah” or “We will let you know”
or no response at all.
Sometimes the booker feels different than you and it is their show
so accept that and move on.
Learning to ask applies to fellow comedians too. So many of my tour dates have been booked by reaching out to comedians I know in that city.
Sometimes they will say something like “Ah my friend bill owns a bar, here is his email” and that is AMAZING! Points you in a much better direction.
Even though I have friends across the country I have struggled with asking them for something like that. I always saw it as a burden. But a lot of my friends love to help. So why not ask?
Also, there are groups for large cities across America that are built for exactly this! I’m coming to (insert city), join these groups. You will see comedians posting a photo or video and saying when they will be in town. It is full of comments saying “Tuesday this bar has something you can pop onto”
People love to help! Let them!
Be kind. Be funny.
Ask others for help.
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