Pricing Your Comedy Show Can Be A Struggle

Coming up with a solid price point can be hard for your comedy shows. I am unsure if I am the best person to hear this from or the worst. The reason I say this is because I think I am constantly under-priced. I have a hard time charging anything for my skills. 

People around me have constantly told me to raise my prices in my marketing business or even for my comedy shows. Any of this sounds familiar?

I have always been envious of comedians and business humans that wake up and say “Yeah I am worth this super high ticket price and people will pay it” Yes! Do it!

Zack Lyman - Host of Zack Lyman Podcast

Know your worth!

As I said, this is something I am personally working on. 

The ticket price is one of the few things that give value to the show before they actually see the show. This and the flyer and location all give the customer insight into the value of the show. It is even more important if these people have never seen you. 

If I said Zack Lyman Headlining Public Pool for 5 dollars. Without even seeing the flyer you think “Well he is at a public pool and it’s the amount of money I have in my car cup holder” Someone might not be super inclined based on those simple facts. 

This should not be confused with finding a cool pop-up show in a backyard that is cheaper than a comedy club but still has tons of value with amazing talented comics and maybe even famous drop-in guests. Those shows are cool and often have cool trendy flyers and names. 

If I said Zack Lyman Headlining Wilbur Theater for 45 dollars. You might be like “Woah, how many seats is that? He must be crushing it in the comedy game!” Again, really paints a picture without even seeing the flyer or any other promotional material. Also, this is your income if you are putting on your own show. 

You are deciding how much you are getting paid and the fellow comedians. This is your moment to make back all your marketing dollars and time. So when you are undercharging for your art you are also never going to make that money back. But bumping it up a little more might give you room to run some ads and push a little bit harder to work towards that payday. 

Right now with my Zen Comedy shows, I am getting a packed room and all the performers are going home with some money. I am charging 15 and filling the small room. I can not add more chairs really so if I wanna make more money it all comes back to price. Down the road, I am going to raise my prices. 

Unlike many venues, we have no drink minimum or any hidden fees. So the ticket price is our only income at Zen Comedy. Think about changing your ticket price. Not only raising the price but maybe lowering the price. If you are struggling to fill your venue, play around with it. 


Hope you find this helpful.

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